United We Stand – iPhone, iPod, iPad and iMac (and some more!)

With the benchmarks of Jony Ive and Steve Jobs’ aesthetics to match, it’s hard to let your iMac and its peripherals languish in clutter and disgrace. Besides streamlining your desktop, you also need something that is multi functional, for example the UNITI Stand. This simplified stand elevates your iMac or Thunderbolt display, charges your mobile or tablet devices on its unique cradles, and provides clean, front‐facing access to USB and audio ports. Do Want!

We asked the design team what inspired them to create this stand, why the UNITI Stand and not any other?

We observed that gadgets and accessories that only serve singular purposes overrun the market. Things like monitor stands, phone chargers, and laptop docks are often necessary, but can lead to cluttered desktops and workspaces. UNITI integrates those commonly used items into a fully functional, aluminum stand that is produced with the highest quality. Best of all, the UNITI stand and cradle are made in the USA.

Makes Perfect Sense!

So here are the essential details:

  • UNITY Stand elevates your monitor to provide better posture.
  • iMacs and Thunderbolt monitors can be positioned at two viewing heights.
  • Dual front USB 3.0 ports and 3.5 mm audio jack provide convenience and multi-tasking support.
  • Detachable cradle(s) is interchangeable and removable to suit your preferences.
  • Integrated charging system is universal and accommodates virtually all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Nesting spot to tuck away the keyboard, mouse, and other items on your desk.
  • The Integrated charging system is universal and can accommodate virtually all mobile devices and tablets. iPhone, Samsung and more!
  • Stand and cradle(s) manufactured from “aircraft-grade” aluminum. Made in the USA.

To sum it up, you can improve your posture – no more sore lower backs and neck – and get elegant placement for your other devices in one go. Now that’s what we called YD –Approved!

Designer: iForte [ Buy it Here ]


  • mike brunt says:

    Best idea I’ve seen – cables and lack of ports on my Mac do my head in having to reach around and change them
    hope this makes it to market – will be getting my kickstart pre-order in

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