Hot Product Shots Using KeyShot

As a designer, you know what goes into the creation and delivery of a product. The visuals play a huge role in that from initial concept to stacking them on the shelves. No matter what the product is, it’s got to look hot. These companies, along with many others, are creating the most striking images in there industry. They’re using KeyShot to do it. Here is just a sample of what they do.

Leap Motion

“KeyShot is instrumental in our creative process. We use it a lot for rapid visualization of product concepts, and it really gives a tangible look at an idea in a very short amount of time.”

Wilson Sporting Goods

“In KeyShot we are able to dictate art direction, lighting and composition of imagery for our global premium line.”

Makerbot Industries

“With KeyShot we create view sets that make it easy to revisit lighting scenarios and update images on the fly.”

Life Fitness

“KeyShot helped the engineering teams understand materials and finishes prior to the development of early prototypes which helped them plan and cost out certain applications and manufacturing processes.”

Stanley Black & Decker

“KeyShot has allowed us to jump start our development process by bringing ideas to life early in the process.”

Bould Design

“Keyshot is integral to our process. We use it in the usual ways to evaluate designs visually, but also to simulate complex color, material and finish combinations…”


“It’s amazing how quickly we started implementing images for catalog shots… KeyShot has been a great tool to communicate design intent before production to internal managers, big box retailers and the factories.”


“Using KeyShot early in the concept phase has helped us set our design targets sooner for how the product will look in production.”


“KeyShot is an integral part of our design process, helping us create killer visuals and motion assets in minimal time… It is a truly efficient process integration.”


“KeyShot has become the tool of choice to communicate concepts to non-designers as well as serve as a virtual photo studio specific to form and material studies.”