The Flow of Fresh Flowers

Air fresheners and purification devices need not be ugly blobs that we are embarrassed to showcase. They can be as sleek as the Lotus Flow, which is the combination of an air purifier and lights. The petals of the surreal flower are made from electroluminescent fabric with a hydrophobic coating that helps draw in dust and pollutants into the core section. This is where the air purification happens. Overall a brilliant design, I’d love to see how far we could take this 2014 Electrolux Design Lab entry.


  • The inner core features a filtration system containing activated carbon and HEPA filter to help absorb dust and micro pollutants.
  • It also, utilizes UV light to help kill bacteria and houses a negative air ionizer to produce fresh clean air.
  • Unfiltered air is pulled into the inner core by the fan; filtered, sterilized and then fresh, clean air is released back into the room.
  • The device also constantly checks the air quality of the room working in response to its environment and the room’s occupants.
  • It can also be connected to a home network and smart devices which allows the user to keep track of the air quality of the room, how well it is cleaning, whether parts need replacing and also control its dynamic lighting effects.

Designer: Rodrigo Capati