Roli’s LUMI keyboard turns playing music into a bright, colorful, audiovisual affair!

Humans really ARE visual learners. It’s why we figure out how to match shapes as toddlers, why teachers rely on apples and oranges to help kids learn addition, why dancers dance in front of massive mirrors, and it’s really the essence behind why we use phrases like “watch and learn”… it’s also how LUMI is revolutionizing how we learn, play, perform, and experiment with music instruments.

Meet LUMI, a MIDI keyboard that’s distinctly different from ROLI’s popular Seaboard. While the Seaboard was designed more around tonal fluidity, the LUMI takes on a structured approach with a slight Guitar Hero vibe. Designed to be portable, modular, and the kind of keyboard that makes you fall in love with experimenting with music, LUMI Keys is a 24-key MIDI keyboard that comes with lights built into each key. Backlit keyboards aren’t a new thing – almost every computer or laptop comes with them… but the LUMI is new, because it brings backlit keys to a musical instrument, integrating audio and visual elements in a unique way. The light-up keys provide a unique experience while you play music. The songs you play are instantly converted into a choreography of lights, making for a rather enjoyable Instagrammable experience, but the LUMI’s value truly lies in how the lights can teach you how to play music. Sort of like a Dance Dance Revolution machine for your fingers, the LUMI keyboard uses lights to help you learn songs. Pair the keyboard with the LUMI app on your iPad and you’re instantly given access to a whole litany of exercises, tutorials, and games that take you from amateur to seasoned pianist. The LUMI app uses a Guitar Hero-inspired interface, while the LUMI itself uses the lights to tell you which key to press when. It’s a fun, incredibly intuitive way to learn the keyboard, and with enough practice, you can pick up songs without an instructor or a teacher physically coaching you.

Things get even more exciting when you tip the LUMI over and notice the contact points on either side. Designed to fit within ROLI’s Blocks ecosystem of products, the LUMI Keys comes with a modular build that lets you snap multiple elements to expand your keyboard or even add other modules to it to turn your keyboard into something even more fun and experimental. This allows the LUMI to be much more versatile and cover a wide range of bases. With a simple snap, LUMI lets you add more fun modules to it, making learning, playing, and experimenting with music an addictively fun experience! The LUMI is available for $299, and the bundle also includes a year’s subscription to the LUMI Complete app that comes filled with 400+ songs, lessons, and games. Along with that, you even get a nifty LUMI case that lets you carry the keyboard around, letting you learn, practice, and perform practically anywhere you go!

Designer: LUMI

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 (Includes a $50 voucher & case). Hurry, for a limited time only!

LUMI – The All-in-one System that Makes Piano Learning Fun & Easy

Learning to play an instrument can be daunting. LUMI changes that and gives everyone everything you need to start learning the piano. It’s the first music learning system to combine a keyboard, app, and content library, integrated through sound, light and color.

Everything is connected by light and color. Just follow the colors in the app and the lights on the keyboard, and you can’t go wrong.

Play, Jam & Learn

LUMI Keys and the LUMI app work together so you can play great songs, note by note, just by following the lights — in your own time, at your pace. When you’re ready, move onto colored notes or sheet music.

Jam along to songs, just like you’re in the band. The chords and notes in the song’s scale light up, so you can improvise in real time.

Learn music fundamentals not only by playing, but also through fast and fun interactive lessons.

LUMI Keys – The Most Advanced Portable Keyboard

Full-color Illumination – Play anywhere. LUMI Keys glows, even outdoors. ROLI Brightkey™ technology makes it the brightest keyboard ever made. State-of-the-art ray trace analysis and a Fresnel Lens-inspired design creates 10,800 millicandela of light in each key distributed from end to end.

Uniquely Playable Keys – LUMI’s keys don’t just look amazing. They feel amazing too. They have a custom size of DS 5.5® which is optimized for the average human hand, plus 92% of the plunge distance of a grand piano key.

Modular Expandability – Snap two or more LUMI Keys together to instantly expand your keyboard. ROLI’s patented magnetic connectors and an edge-to-edge design come together to make LUMI Keys the world’s first fully expandable keyboard.

Compact, Lightweight & Portable – At just 600g it weighs less than an iPad Pro. It’s smaller than almost all laptops, so it fits easily in bags and backpacks. When you’re taking LUMI on the go, you can protect the keyboard in style with a custom-made Snapcase.

LUMI App – Makes Playing Fun

LUMI Keys is powered by the LUMI app. It’s where you pick songs and decide how you want to play them. No matter what you choose, you’ll have fun.

Pick a Great Song – Browse a library of great songs that span genres from pop to classical.* Once you’ve found a song you love, you choose what part of the song to play, whether it’s the melody, chords or the bassline. Every month there are more songs to choose from.

Choose Your View – Progress from simple to advanced views for reading music. Start with colorful shapes that stream down the screen, telling you exactly when to strike a note on LUMI Keys. Move all the way to reading sheet music.

Move at Your Own Pace – No matter what view you choose, you can get started at a speed that’s comfortable for you. Watch how the song is played before you start. Start slowly, pause, and speed the song up to its normal tempo when you’re ready.

See how you learn through light, color, and the ingenious integration of app and keyboard.

LUMI Library – Get Started with Timeless Tunes & Lessons

400+ Contemporary & Classical Songs – From today’s trending tracks to immortal ‘80s ballads, LUMI Complete covers a huge range of pop, rock, dance and other contemporary copyrighted Songs.

40 Classic Songs – Explore a selection of timeless classics, from folk music to challenging compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and more.

60+ Introductory Lessons – Learn fundamental music and keyboard skills, from chords to scales to playing technique, in over 60 interactive, introductory Lessons.

LUMI Specs

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 (Includes a $50 voucher & case). Hurry, for a limited time only!