Pets For Everyone

Always wanted a pet but couldn’t have one because of allergies? We have the perfect solution for you – The Petollar. Comprising of an Air Cleaner and Collar, the device basically works at attracting animal hair (fur) and dust to the receiving unit, so as to keep the environment as allergen free as possible.

The Air Cleaner (Plusa) and Collar (Minuz) help eliminate dust, dirt and fur from the pet, working on the electrostatic theory that is found in an Ionizer. Basically the collar emits negative ions, which is absorbed by the dirt in the air and this in turn gets attracted to the positive ions emitted by the air cleaner. Sounds complicated for the moment, but I suppose if this Top 35 Entry from the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition gets to the semi finals, we will know more about how it works.

Designer: Thanut Chaovakul


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  • Rex Murphy says:

    Excellent idea. Many quality pet air purifiers use the same kind of ions and those ions do help keep particles and dander out of the air.

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