The Only Mechanical Smartwatch We Want

As a watch enthusiast, I have always questioned, why would men give up their sole symbol of prosperity and class to an e-ink display? The prime real estate in question – the wrist – is worthy of a mechanical creation that screams haute horology. However, my mindset changed when I came across the Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch, the World’s first and only mechanical smart watch hybrid.

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Sounding almost like a contradictory statement, ‘Mechanical Smartwatch’ is a term that if full of promise when played right, if you balance both the ‘smart’ and the ‘watch’ aspects, you have a winner on hand. Picture yourself wearing a Mechanical Watch – your pride and joy – showcasing the movement in an exhibition caseback. And at the same time, in comes a call and your watch display transforms to a digital screen, informing you that your ex-girlfriend is calling and giving you the option of answering it or not.

Sounds very Bond-ish, but with the Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch this is a possibility. Combining the best of both the worlds there are two main models to pick from: MSW 115 and SSW 158. The biggest difference is that the MSW 115 model is equipped with a Miyota Japanese Movement while the SSW 158 is equipped with a certified SWISS Movement from SOPROD, a highly reputable SWISS movement manufacturer. Each Version comes in three variations.

  • Notifications: Text Messages, E-mails, Incoming calls.
  • Push-alerts: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more.
  • Remote Control: For your smart phone or tablet PC. Take camera shots from far away. Control your music while walking. Send pre-set text messages while driving.
  • Fitness: Pedometer and calorie tracker.
  • Chronograph: Stopwatch, elapsed time counter and GPS enabled automatic world time display functions are available.
  • Multi-language Support: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German and Japanese language support, + more.

Kairos Watches are available for pre-ordering at a special price.

Mechanical watch components:

  • Case: 46mm diameter x 16.5mm height
  • Band: 22mm wide (replaceable)
  • Movement: MSW 115: Miyota 82S7, 42 hour power reserve, 21600 bph, 21 Jewels. Automatic movement.
  • SSW 158: Soprod A10BV-2 Swiss Automatic Movement, 28800 bph, 25 Jewels, 42-hour power reserve
  • Materials: 
316L Stainless steel, genuine leather band
  • Crystal Sapphire Glass
  • Water Resistant

Smart watch components:

  • Charging: USB charging cable with magnetic connector
  • Operating System: Android Wear OS
  • Optional: Kairos OS (Compatible with iOS + Android + Windows Phone OS)
  • Connection:
Bluetooth BLE (4.0)
  • Display: TOLED RGB Full color (36mm x 1mm)
40% transparency
  • Optional Choice: ICON Type Transparent Display (Static icons, Numbers & English text only)
60% transparency
  • Sensors: 
Touch sensor, 3 axis accelerometer w/ gesture detection, Gyroscope
Processor: Arm Cortex M4 / Intel (TBD)
  • Battery: 180mAh (5-7 days)

The last bit of good news is that Kairos plans on perfecting their technology so it can eventually become the ODM suppliers to other Swiss watch brands. So for example, “Maurice Lacroix Mechanical Smartwatch – powered by Kairos”. How awesome is that!

Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch – [ Buy It Here ] Find them on Facebook here.