Refrigerators Are Now Food Conservation Systems

They say words have power – for example don’t call it a bowl of veggies, call it a bowl of stir-fried exotic vegetables with tangy sauce, dollops of butter and a dash of crushed pepper to spice it up. Salivating? Likewise, new-age refrigerators are Intelligent Food Conservation Systems with a dash of Innovation. The Izotz is one such appliance that has some interesting features – read on to know more.

The Izotz is mounted on the kitchen wall and sits half inside and half outside. The appliance is such that it takes advantage of the outside temperature and adapts to it. For example, during winters it takes advantage of the cold temperature outside to sustain the internal cooling of the fridge and thus lower electricity costs. And during summer it takes advantage of the solar energy to power the fridge.

The appliance even sports an herb bed that breaks down their internal cellulose, an organic compound, which Izotz later converts into a biopolymer. When we store some food inside the system, it gets coated with the biopolymer, which in turn vacuum seals it to retain freshness. This layer can be easily removed and is recycled by Izotz. This project is one of the shortlisted Top 35 Electrolux Design Lab Competition entry for 2014.

Designer: Iker Legarda Gabiria


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