The Forest Fire Alarm

The Forest Wizard is a device that is designed to prevent the forest fire from spreading out rapidly. It has a three-goal system that allows the firefighters to detect the source and the direction of the fire in a speedy manner. The accompanying video explains the system and makes us understand how it can become a path-breaking technology for the future. Have a look….

Designer: Hsiang-Han Hsu

[youtube: 600 451]


  • patrick says:

    bugs dna? bluetooth? vibrating chips? are u serious?
    the only good thing is the idea of the net to monitoring the rainforest.

  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce, awesome

    vandals ruining units
    animals wrecking units IE bears, coyotes??
    avalanches burying units in lower elevations.
    weather ruining unit over time

    Otherwise I say Yes
    Test in US Natl forestlands alone

    Have Smokey Bear PR unit for USFS alone & NPS

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