Get a First Look at KeyShot 5

You know, some of the products featured on Yanko Design are concept renderings and many of you are already familiar with KeyShot, the 3D rendering and animation software used to create the visuals for a lot of them. Luxion has released the next version of the software, KeyShot 5. A lot of designers loved the Toon shading, new materials and physical lighting that came with KeyShot 4. Well, KeyShot 5 takes all that up a notch. Here’s a quick overview of the highlights.

KeyShot Cloud

The KeyShot Cloud is the online library where you can find KeyShot resources and share your own. You access it directly inside KeyShot and can browse/search Materials, Backplates, Textures and Environments. Like, download and access resources from anywhere you use KeyShot.


Instancing allows users to duplicate parts in KeyShot and on import without increasing file size. Instancing of parts is available within KeyShot as a Pattern tool and completely automated in select KeyShot plugins. All instances can be treated separately for quick appearance studies or linked to apply materials quickly, but will all update when LiveLinking or update geometry is used.

Fade Animation

This comes with the KeyShot Animation Add-on ($500). Fade animation allows you to click a part or group of parts and apply an animation that fades them from one opacity level to another. Since setting up a KeyShot Animation happens in realtime, you can view the animation as you adjust the settings.

NURBS Ray-tracing

This is a KeyShot Pro feature. If you work in a 3D modeling program that creates NURBS geometry, well, KeyShot 5 now offers NURBS ray-tracing. This simply gives you more accurate geometry with smoother edges. It happens automagically on import for any NURBS data imported.

Sun & Sky System

Another KeyShot Pro feature that is part of the HDRI Editor. The Sun & Sky system lets you create physically accurate geographic lighting. Say you want the lighting for today in New York City. Select the date and location, boom, you have sunlight that matches. You can mix it with any other HDRI settings, physical or environmental lighting as well.

There are quite a few more new features in KeyShot 5 as well. You can see them all here and download a free license at