Last Chance! Win A bobble For Earth Day!

In case you’ve been under a rock, we’ve been giving away 5 bobbles a week until Earth Day April 22nd. We’re now in the final week so this is seriously your last chance. bobble is a new water bobble with a built-in and replaceable carbon filter good for 300 refills. I know the water companies don’t want us to stop buying disposable water bottles but this is just one small thing we can all do and there’s no better time than now for Earth Day. Want to win one? Hit the jump to find out how but hurry, give-a-way ends April 22nd.

To enter:

  • Follow bobble on Twitter.
  • Tweet your favorite bobble color.
  • Be sure to include @yankodesign and @waterbobble for a valid entry.
  • We’ll notify winners directly thru Twitter on April 22nd.

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  • Nickie says:

    I ordered 4 the other day, all blue, can’t wait to get them 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone go see Kick-Ass. Hit Girl OWNED that Movie!

  • Zameer says:

    That give-away just made me sign up to twitter. would love to show it off around my mates. anyway.. im still trying to learn how to “Be sure to include @yankodesign and @waterbobble for a valid entry” bcz its my first time on twitter and having a little difficulty to situate myself.. good luck to the winners and incite ur fwens to use it. final words: coooool blue!

  • Zameer says:

    Choose me.. shipping costs 11.91 USD to my country which I’m ready to pay! but both shipping and product is out of my reach. I’m just a student.

  • This is a great offer, count me in and I’ll be the only one in Victoria BC to own one of these exciting water bobble.

  • @licostli says:

    I'm following

  • @licostli says:

    I'm following

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