TouchOfModern 5 Weeks of Discovery: Week 2 – BirkSun Solar Chargers

The cutting-edge flash sale site TouchOfModern is back again this year to make shopping for gorgeous design and gadgets a whole lot more fun. In this five-part Monday Madness series, we have compiled a compelling list of five products that are perfect as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, with a myriad of selections for every personality type.

Designer: BirkSun [ Buy it Here ]

BirkSun consists of an innovative, international team of engineers and designers who are passionate about making truly great solar charging products for a modern active lifestyle. They pride themselves on remaining at the forefront of green technology, while keeping their products effortlessly cool and fashion-forward for everyday use.

Though a quality personal solar charger is incredibly hard to make given the numerous components involved in the production process, BirkSun has managed to master both form and function when it comes to great-looking and easy-to-use products. An elegantly simple 2.5-pound amalgamation of forged electronics and high denier fabrics makes their Boost Solar Charger ideal for on-the-go smartphone charging in a casual and comfortable backpack style. Any BirkSun user can attest to the fact that this product does not short-out, crack, or overheat. It will continue to charge phones on partly sunny days, even with momentary shadow coverage.

Designed for the active business professional, BirkSun’s handcrafted Connect Solar Charger combines a functional messenger bag style with built-in, high performance solar power. This 2.5-pound bag includes both a fleece tablet sleeve and a 17″ fleece laptop sleeve to protect your devices in transit. There is also a front organizational pocket for external batteries, keys, and other small items.

Built for speed and comfort, the 2.6-pound Elevate Solar Charger backpack is spacious enough for all your gear without slowing you down. It comes with both a fleece tablet sleeve and a convenient hydration bladder holder with an external pass-through tubing window. This fully functional design is complete with a front organizational pocket to keep you calm and collected while living life to the max.

In addition to solar power packs, BirkSun has also engineered the most cutting-edge portable power banks to ensure you have a long-lasting supply of energy without being weighed down. Despite being just 8mm thick and weighing only 5.87 ounces (about the same as an iPhone 5), the Air Power Bank provides 300 percent extra battery charge for smartphones, tablets, and USB devices. The Air Power Bank Plus is only slightly bigger and provides an additional 600 percent battery charge.

Check out TouchOfModern for their exclusive sale on these awesome BirkSun products. And remember to stay tuned for TouchOfModern’s exciting giveaway, which will be revealed on week five of this special Monday Madness series.