The Jelly Vibrations

Clean your clothes using only jelly and vibrations! Wow, now that sounds farfetched! According to designer Jee Na Jun, the Vibrate Jelly Laundry concept washing machine does not require any water for washing clothes. It uses the principles of vibration and jelly to rid soiled clothes of dirt and grime. Of course the process of this principle has not been explained by the designer, perhaps clarity will set in if the project moves to the next level of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition.

Vibrate Jelly Laundry is one of the Top 100 Finalists at the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab. You can vote for this or any other project over here. Voting closes May 16th 2014.

Designer: Jee Na Jun


  • joannapaul says:

    Vibrate Jelly Laundry is too cool!!People can find this to be an easier approach to wash their favorite clothes in less time and wear them up without needing to wait for hours to dry them up. Great vibe does it create!!

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