Flying Economy Can Be Fun on COS

A show of hands – all those who hate flying economy class! If designer Jan Meissner had his way, we all would be comfy and cozy in the economy cabin – the envy of Business Class and First Class – thanks to the awesome features integrated to the economy seats. Not only are they intuitive and adjust to our body shape, they also feel roomier and integrate ultra-modern technology features. Have a look and let me know which aspect you like the best!

COS is a 2014 iF Design Award – Concept Design entry.

Designer: Jan Meissner


  • stephen russell says:

    YES, for all international airlines alone.
    For doemestics IE United, American, Delta for US flights alone
    Yes even for Pvt exec jet types IE modified 737
    & or use in The Bus from ABC TV Marvel Agents of SHIELD TV show for guest cabin area.
    (The Bus-modified C17 type).
    Do this.
    Then I dont mind flying Coach on any airline.
    Flown Business/First class last trips out though best on British Airways LA to London

  • george says:

    overstyled! Especially the infographics.

  • Alexa says:

    I don’t think this would happen in the economy class anytime soon. but innovative and futuristic idea though.

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