Two Faces, One Bag

Introducing the first ever, two-sided, leather backpack. It’s called the 2Face Backpack and it’s handsomely handcrafted to go everywhere you go! If you’ve ever found yourself looking for the appropriate bag for the gym, and then a different bag for work… look no further. The versatile design features two faces: one casual, one classic. Match it to your clothes, where you’re going, or just to switch things up! Vid after the jump! —>

Designers: Andrew & Alex


  • Senhor Serio says:

    Of course you had to put a macbook, a Ipad and an Iphone in there… pretencious jerks

  • Jon Bucky says:

    Of course you had to put a comment in which you mock, you insult and you feel superior… don’t be the jerk.

    They can put whatever they want . If you don’t have an apple product don’t hate the others because they own it.

  • Alex Dave says:

    How can I buy it?

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