Half the Bike, Double the Fun

Halfbike brings you a completely new experience. It’s a vehicle that combines running and cycling, which turns out to be remarkably exciting and fun for getting around the city. A bicycle revised both in terms of size and functionality, a new kind of personal vehicle designed with rider experience in mind. Halfbike is light, compact and simple. You stand upright and turn simply by leaning your body. The ride is so smooth it almost feels like you’re gliding! See it in action —>

Designer: Kolelinia


  • Olaf says:

    A question: What happens when you brake on this?

  • Olaf says:

    Ah, no. The “bike” will stop, more or less, the rider however would move on a ballistic curve towards the ground, ending in a faceplant.

  • Dave says:

    That’s a pretty rough looking prototype. Specifically, I see sharp edges on the two-part metal frame-plates and the use of wood is odd. I could imagine this looking so much sleeker and refined.

  • baselitko says:

    I don’t know….it seems that the brakes are on the rear wheels, could be safer than you think.

  • Hkagan says:

    interesting, please share experimental video…

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