Powerline Chopper of the Future

The PLC28 is a futuristic quadrocopter concept specifically designed to aid in the dangerous task of maintaining power lines. No more truck and ladder adventures— the piloted multi-rotor design provides stability for technicians to work from a safe platform to make repairs or complete general maintenance. It’s easier for workers and quicker recovery from power outages!

The PLC28 has 4 ducted fans including two coaxial rotors which drastically reduce noise while increasing safety. In the event of a rotor drop out, the helicopter is still able to fly. The multiple rotors create an extremely stable flight position based on a fly-by-wire system which is supported by GPS positioning. Ducted fans also prevent the possibility of contact between rotors and cable wires.

Designer: Felix Schumacher & Lino Lehner


  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    So, you want ME to fly MY helicopter next to a WHAT? a POWER LINE? and WAIT until the guy that I DROP on the power line is WAIT until the guy is done fixing it? If you want to do that buddy, you go ahead. You are living in a world of cartoons. Go study aviation first, then study electrical currents and their affects on machines and electronics, then start designing planes and helicopters. No pilot of electrical engineer will take you seriously. Nice graphics though.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    features Id add
    Platform for worker, & more equip space via a module
    & use for these other apps:

    Search & Rescue
    VIP exec use.

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Felix, cut the politics and focus; you are inventing the wrong thing. If you want to build a quad-copter, it has been done already. If you are so impressed with this stunt-pilot job, enjoy it. But to solve the problem of fixing high-voltage power lines, you need to re-invent the tower to accommodate a built-in elevator/escalator/lift to take the worker up. I use a minimum of $200/ hour worth of gasoline, let alone my hourly pay as a pilot. Utilities companies are being cheap and stupid in their cable-tower designs, and they pay the price heavy when it is time to fix it. If you have cross wind worth 10 knots, no pilot will do this job. When do cables need to be fixed? after a storm, and you must fix it as soon as possible, because thousands of people are without electricity, and you have cross winds of 10 knots. Good luck. I don’t care what country you are focused on. Only one pilot out of every thousand pilots will be your stunt-Hollywood/dare-devil/ “I’m-made-of-steel” kind of pilot. The rest of us are ordinary people who wants to go back to our families when the job is done. Your invention/design applies to electric towers everywhere on Earth. Focus on the tower that is the root of this problem. The tower is the one that needs to be re-invented, not the chopper.

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