Be Cozy with eCozy!


The eCozy smart heating solution is a design-driven, intelligent thermostat that saves up to 30% in annual heating costs easily and conveniently! Designed for water radiators and heaters, the system consists of: eCozy thermostats, an eCozy smartphone application (for iOS and Android) and the eCozy central unit. Features include control of temperature, analytics and automation, connectivity to home area networks, response to utility pricing signals (for example, the time-of-use), and access to cloud-based services. The eCozy stands out amongst competitors due to its sleek design, highly intuitive usability and smart technological know-how – in this case, an award-winning heating algorithm! The design also offers a much better user experience by eliminating the pain of setup, calibration and the maintenance of a digital thermostat.

The eCozy central unit works as an access point, so that the entire heating unit can still be controlled with the eCozy application even without Internet access. Depending on environmental and usage factors, eCozy is able to create a mathematical model of the environment from repetitive manual settings, through which the temperature curve with each cycle gets more and more accurate, and as a result, reduces heating cost and increases energy savings. The eCozy learns from the user’s heating preferences and unique home properties, and provides a heating system that perfectly suits its user.

Designer: eCozy