Starry Lights Of Origami

The Star Lamp is a very versatile piece, transforming from a tabletop, floor, hanging to a wall mount with ease. The Origami influence is quite evident in the stylish folds of the hood and simplistic layout. The translucent grey polypropylene disperses the light from the bulb to create subtle lighting for any living area. Made from two pieces of polypropylene sheet and reinforced thin aluminum legs, the lamp can be knocked down to a flat pack for easy packaging and shipping.

Here’s how to assemble the lamp:

  • The lamp is assembled by pushing the tabs on the top piece through the slots in the base and locking into place. These tabs become the legs for the lamp.
  • The light socket is put through the hole in centre of the base and secured.
  • Finally insert the bulb, plug in and illuminate.

Designer: Alisha Larsen