Real Life Minecraft

This 2013 Red Dot Design Concept winner, called Space Generator, allows a flat platform to be transformed into 3D multi-level arrangements for different functional purposes. Each cell is a jack plate & can have a different sectional design: square, triangular, trapezoidal, & so on. The module cell can be driven by hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical means, & can be made of a variety of materials. Side profiles of the cells can be fitted with LED screens for displaying colors or messages. The possible scenarios are infinite!

According to the predetermined program, the module cells are raised and lowered to transform the flat platform into 3D arrangements. The platform might become a presentation and exhibition space, an audience space, leisure area, art object or anything else imaginable. No extra costs, materials or time are required and the system is self-cleaning. The platform can be used inside as well as outside, even on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The concept allows virtual reality to be carried over to the physical world in a three-dimensional arrangement and material manifestation. Ideas literally emerge from the ground up to meet people’s constantly changing demands. What’s more, the process of transformation is a performance in itself!

Designer: Architime


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