The Less is More Folding Bike

Designed for the urban commuter, the Occam Cycle makes it possible to transition between public transportation and riding in a cinch! Similar to a full-size bicycle, the riding style is familiar for most (minus the seat) so users will adapt quickly. More so, users will find that it’s even easier to fold and unfold than other folding bikes. Why? Because there’s simply less TO fold! Less folds also means less weight, less time, and less stress. See it in action —>

Designer: Great Scott Technology


  • Sara says:

    Looks dangerous when you want to stop.

  • jamez says:

    I’m working in the bike industry,the bike you post that almost same as the one that already exist ten years ago,by Taiwan factory,you can find it in china too,nothing creative,nothing new,except some young and full design emotion,I used has it too,learning empty industrial design lesson at college.

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