The Printable Prosthetic

Printhesis started as a project to develop a new prosthetic limb for one girl but resulted in a revolutionary design that’s made more affordable and available thanks to 3D printing. Noticing that the girl had replaced her expensive, heavy fiberglass/titanium limb with simplistic pliers because it was lighter and faster to use,  designer Roel Deden recreated the functionality in a cheaper printable solution with the same ergonomics and modularity of her original prosthesis. The price savings? Over $8000!

Designer: Roel Deden


  • Samuel says:

    Brilliant concept and design. keep it up.

  • Jake says:

    wow…has this been tested? What a great creation if its functional.

  • george says:

    Oh boy! Am I impressed…this one deserves to be shared with one and all.

  • Himani says:

    This is a commendable design idea. I would like to know what the response to this one was if it has been through trials?

  • lord of the web says:

    Indeed an inspiring creation. Lightweight and created using a 3D printer! speechless.

  • Tina says:

    wow made using a 3D printer…now this is the perfect union of technology and esign.

  • Gurucool says:

    speechless. The designer needs to be celebrated. kudos and thumbs up to Yanko for sharing this.

  • Shane says:

    thumbs up to the designer. I am sharing this with my friends right away. way to go!

  • Paula says:

    Such creations are truly inspiring..they make you stop and think of the larger picture. truly humbled by the efforts and thought process for this product.

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