Walking on Sunshine!

I’ll be honest. I’m the least athletic person you’ll meet. Even the idea of thumb-wrestling makes me cringe. So believe me, when I write about sports, or sporting gear, it’s a big deal! What’s so special this time? The Nike Free Climb shoe, that’s what! The design and aesthetic gets even a lazy bum like mine’s heart racing. Designer Jim Tirone cleverly uses Nike’s existing technology feasibility to create a shoe for vertical rock climbing/trekking, a sporting area never explored by the super-company. Great Visual Appeal + Great Product Placement = Win!

Designer: Jim Tirone











  • I_Climb says:

    The material choice, concept, and execution of this product would literally, not figuratively, end in someones death. The lack of regard for the needs of the user in this instance coupled with color-washing the project in an attempt to obscure the lack of research, belays an incredible lack of depth of thought.

  • Nicholas says:

    The designer is obviously not a climber and seems to have done VERY little research into the climbing industry. The mix of design elements that were probably pulled from a quick “climbing shoe” Google search, along with a very lazy attempt at a proper climbing last form, are dead giveaways that this was a totally half assed concept.

  • sol says:

    Look different But also looks amazing.

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