The Digital Nomad 35 Has a Pocket for Everything!

Whether you’re a minimalist, or the kind to carry your life around with you, the Digital Nomad 35 backpack has a way of fulfilling your needs. Made for a small but demanding audience, the Digital Nomad is for the working wanderlust, who wants to travel, but work while he or she does. How does one bag cater to someone who focuses on both professional and personal lives? With pockets. Loads of them.

The way the Digital Nomad deals with segregation is that it compartmentalizes the entire bag space so that no two categories of luggage really interact with each other. Your socks, notebook, and DSLR have separate areas of storage because they must. This also means even if your bag is half-full, your stuff won’t rattle around inside because they all have their separate enclosures.

Built for the work-play overlap, the bag was made to carry all types of items. Its spacious interiors are great for as many as 10 pieces of clothing (it comes with compression straps for when you want to carry less), and around it lie various pockets for your keys, cables, chargers, power banks, and even your camera. Opening from both sides, the bag uses its back-space for your laptop, iPad, notebook, etcetera.

The Digital Nomad 35 comes in black and gray variants, made from Cordura and Vecoya, both being incredibly resilient, water-repellent, and eco-friendly. A low-poly world map on the bag acts as branding while also doubling up as a reflective patch that allows your bag to be seen in low-light conditions. Designed to be used as a hand-held bag or even a backpack, the Digital Nomad 35 comes with an overall clean design, hiding even its shoulder straps in a pocket of their own. Pop them out when you hit the trails, and you can even use the detachable waist-strap when the trails get steep. The bag comes with its own rain-cover, stowed in its bespoke pocket, and even integrates a concealed-yet-easy-to-access RFID blocking pocket for your wallet, cards, and passport.

Designed in partnership with DNX Global, an international community of dedicated digital nomads who spend months working while traveling, the Digital Nomad 35 was designed for the 95th percentile, and was made to withstand the most demanding conditions and needs. So whether you’re a regular joe who travels between cities or an absolute professional wanderlust who hikes mountains between skype calls, know that the backpack has you covered. And with its endless number of pockets and compartments, you’re never really going to run out of space!

Designers: Outdoorer & DNX

Click here to Buy Now: $225.00 $300.00














Click here to Buy Now: $225.00 $300.00