TouchOfModern 5 Days of Giveaways: Day 1- Gift Ideas For The Techie

The number one flash sales site TouchOfModern is back again this year, with the intention of making shopping for gifts a much easier and rewarding experience for you. In this five-part series we have compiled a compelling shortlist of five ideas of what you can gift to someone you love, based on their personality. That is not all, state your choice from the list and TouchOfModern will go out of their way to get you that gift and present it to you! Details inside.

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Five Gifts For The Techie

Meze Headphones

Ivee Smart Clock

Kickstarter Hone Tracking

Yantouch – Black Diamond Speaker

Mute Watch


  • ronaldtsc says:

    This could be the best gift for Christmas this year 😀

  • ronaldtsc says:

    I would buy Yantouch – Black Diamond Speaker, it has the sound and glowing vision just right to be use for this coming Christmas

  • Rachael says:

    These products look amazing. Just saw this post by yanko on facebook and I’m obsessed with the website.
    What a phenomenal gift it would be.

  • Rachael says:

    And also I would have to get the Kickstarter Hone Tracking. Such a great idea very sleek and would be used everyday.. guaranteed haha

  • Jenn says:

    I would get my tech-savy brother-in-law the Meze Headphones! The style of the headphones are classic, and I’m sure he will enjoy the quality of the sound.

  • Tina says:

    I’d get a mute watch for my beloved one so he could always follow the time to be back home on time and to notice happy minutes.

  • ashafai says:

    The Meze headphones would bring a huge smile to my brother’s face. He is an audiophile and would really appreciate the sound quality and build of these.

  • Bruce Brown says:

    Mute Watch

  • Fernando Lemos says:

    Great gifts!

  • Nick P. says:

    I would by my techie wife the Hone Tracker! She is the smartest lady I know, but she can never keep track of her keys – her phone is always close at hand however!

  • wai hoong says:

    i want Mute Watch for gift for my friend cause she always late..

  • Balu says:

    I would like to gift the Ivee Smart Clock as I find it cool and unique.

  • Mary Forrest says:

    The meze headphones are really beautiful.

  • Sam says:

    the clock

  • academic one says:

    Meze Headphones please

  • dok says:

    The Mute Watch is just awesome. I would be a perfect gift for my gf. she doesent like classic watches and cant tell the time without her phone… 🙁

  • Filip says:

    Yantouch – Black Diamond Speaker please, because music is part of my life.

  • Abel G says:

    The meze headphones would fit perfectly with my technie who is also dark, warm and oh so classy!

  • wendy says:

    The Yantouch Black Diamond Speaker is the most visually spectacular, and also pretty functional for everyday use, so i’d get my techie partner one of them.

  • Mike C says:

    Enter me please, all beautiful product!

  • kevin says:

    I’m going to buy the hone tracking device for my friend. He thought of an idea like this but since it has already been done I’ll pass him along the fruits of his mental labor 🙂

  • Naomi says:

    The black diamond speaker is lovely.

  • Andrew says:

    If I could, I’d grab the ivee alarm clock for my dad. He’s been in IT for 25 years, but still has the same LED alarm clock he used in college. He might enjoy something with a friendlier screen and less miniscule controls.

  • john vasiliou says:

    the watch….very geeky….very cool!

  • kaleb griepp says:

    I’d buy the diamond speaker, because my friend has extreme stress in her office life every day, and I’m constantly creating playlists for her to listen to.

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