Father’s Day Giveaway: Sorapot Teapot

UPDATE: Closed. Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks to Joey Roth & Jesse Jacobs, we are giving you a chance to win a Sorapot Teapot valued at $200. To make the moment even more special, he will also receive limited-edition tea from Samovar. Leave your comments after the jump telling us why your dad is special and who knows, it could be you and him reliving memories over the perfect cup of tea!

Contest Ends: June 20, 12:00 am PST


  • Joey says:

    This is so perfect, as my father and I haven’t spoken for some time, and I’m looking to reach out to him this fathers day. I’d love to do it all over a great tea experience.

  • Joannie says:

    My dad has always been there for me,
    We often share our love over a cup of tea,
    This prize would fill us both with glee,
    A beautiful Sorapot for tea, for Dad and me!

  • My family adopted a girl from China 7 years ago. About 80% of her 7 years in the US have been spent in the hospital. Never leaving her by herself, my mom and my dad were always with her. My dad would work during the day and stay with her at night. Comforting her to sleep and trying to get get whatever he could with nurses coming in the room every hour on the hour. Sometime he would be luck and get 5 hours. Other nights he would get maybe 1. But, what shocks me more than my dad simply surviving this, is that while he was pushed to the edge, his disciplined prevailed and he was able to get his company the largest real estate deal they had, the construction of the US Lenovo HQ. A couple years later, he got Duke Realty a $1 billion deal with the US Dept. of Defense. My dad has been an inspiration to keep trying even when you feel like you can’t go on. Because of what he has done, he has provided for my family, helped my sister get where she is, and taught me the lesson that family is always first.

  • Adrian Fallas says:

    My dad always thaught me that education, deep sense of responsability and family comes first. He always got worried about me and my life as a professional person and thanks to him (and also my mother) i’m where I am now and I lov them for that.

  • Barbara says:

    My dad is special because he is no longer with us. He taught me that laughter & love are the best things in the world and to do what you want today because you might not have tomorrow…believe it or not, he taught me that before he passed.

  • Kathy Emerick says:

    If my dad was still with us.. he would have been a wonderful grandpap for my kids! I truely miss having him around.

  • beth shepherd says:

    I would love to win. My father is a wonderful man that is always giving and truthful.
    thank you for the chance

  • Amy Bradshaw says:

    My father has always taken care of my brother and myself no matter how trying times have been. I owe him so much for his sacrifices, he is an honest a good man, and he loves hot tea! =)

  • erika says:

    My father passed away 3 years ago. We always shared a very close bond since I could remember, I could say he is still with me, taking care of me, watching over me. He was my superhero, my guide, my inspiration, he made me laugh every time I was down, he was always there waiting for me whenever I needed a ride, whenever I needed a friend, or just a shoulder to cry on. He was the best father I could have ever asked for, I will miss him till the day I die.

  • nicole says:

    My dad is special because his whole career is devoted to helping people come closer to their families and to their creator.

  • Christina says:

    My Dad would love this teapot since he loves inventions! What is special about him is his high intelligence, his supportiveness of me, and his love of nature and wild animals!

  • Shilo Beedy says:

    My dad is so special because he is down to earth and loves his family. I can call him up at anytime to talk to him.

  • cathi rushing says:

    I have the best dad, he loves us, devotes his life to me and 3 step kids. 10 years ago he survived lung and colin cancer. He is truley here for a reason

  • Melody says:

    My dad was my best friend and favorite person. I had the greatest childhood anyone could ask for because of him. He died 13 years ago on Father’s Day (June 16, 1996), but it still feels like yesterday.

  • Christine says:

    I’m going to enter my husband in this because, in my opinion, he is the best Dad I’ve ever known. Always there to help, give encouragement, advise and give a laugh when it is needed (he’s so very funny). He loves tea and I’d love to win this for him. Thank you!

  • Christine says:

    I want to enter my husband in this because he is, in my opinion the best Dad I’ve ever met. He’s kind, understanding, always there to help or give advice and a good laugh, he’s super-funny. He loves tea and I’d love to win this for him. Thank you!

  • Stephen Hand says:

    When I was young, and until I was around 15 years old, in fact for around 27+ years, he endured backbreaking 12 hour a day work just to make sure that we had enough money to live on.

    Even though we did not have a lot, we had a roof over our head, food to eat and insurance.

    He worked so hard for all of those years. My parents got divorced around five years ago, when I was 15 or so, and he’s still doing his best to help when he’s able, even though he is living in California instead of Georgia.

    He definitely deserves this teapot, and an infinite amount more.

    Thanks for the contest.


  • Monique Rizzo says:

    My dad would really like this!! Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  • My father Richard has been an amazing father because he understands what it means to be a better human. A father’s role in his child’s life can greatly shape the outlook and outcome of his offspring – a fundamental fact my father has never taken lightly. Resembling Waldorf from the Muppets, my father personified well-thought wisdom and humor. He taught me that you can be many things and explore many paths – and that life isn’t a strait forward journey. He himself loved science as well as art. He decided to retired early from a lucrative career to pursue his passion in furniture design, even going so far as to spend a spectacular semester, sharing a house at my art college to study fabrication. Most people would cringe at the thought of spending such close quarters with a parent while in school, but he was not only incredibly respectful of my space but privacy – he understood it was not his place to interfere with the mistakes I was bound to make and the lessons I had to learn on my own. He was also became a hit amongst my friends- who often asked if he would come out and join us for a drink.
    One of the more critical moments as a parent that he provided was the support and strength I needed to make a life-altering decision: I was not a good fit for the school I was studying at and at the beginning semester of my senior year he flew halfway across the country to tell me to stop living up to expectations I had for myself that were not leading to a fulfilling career. He gave me the strength to pursue my natural inclinations to become a designer – that just because I didn’t have the confidence to rely on my talent in the past didn’t mean I hadn’t become a strong enough woman to go back and study what I loved. He gave me perspective that was much needed when I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition – always providing an enlightened point of view without marginalizing my emotions. Whenever moments of confusion or doubt are plaguing me he is only a phone call away with sage advice and a hilarious joke. I would not be in the fully satisfied place in my life that I am without his guidance as a father. Thank You Dad… I wish there were more than one day a year we are asked to say that.

    p.s. thanks for the banana pancakes!

  • barbara wright says:

    My father is special because he can fix ANYTHING!

  • Linda says:

    My Dad isn’t with me anymore, but all through my life growing up he was a do-it-yourself handy man and he taught me how to fix and do so much.

  • Marcia S says:

    My Dad, a once brilliant engineer, is going through Altsheimer’s Disease. He still appreciates good design and would love a cup of tea brewed in the Sorapot.

  • k.s. says:

    My friend recently got me hooked on tea so this would be wonderful to have!!!

  • Tojo says:

    I can only think of having a cuppa with dad these days. He only made it to grade 5, and I think of him when I struggle with my dual doctrate arch,phil soon to finish.

  • Geoff K says:

    My dad’s special to me because he always made it clear to my sister and me that he wanted us to be happy and to be ourselves, and however we might express ourselves, he never judged but rather made a concerted effort to take an interest in our lives, pastimes, and interests. He gave us a secure foundation to discover for ourselves what made us happy and what kinds of lives we envisioned for ourselves, and even now he continues to support, guide, and counsel us when needed. I’d love to surprise him with such a special gift, and even share the first cup of tea with him, so thanks for the chance to enter!

  • ikkinlala says:

    May Canadians enter? My dad is amazingly generous, and he also understands me better than anyone else I know.

  • Gabriel J. says:

    My dad is a great man. I learned a lot from him: work ethics and honesty. Two great values. Thanks dad!

  • LUIS TORRES JR says:


  • kendra says:

    This is awesome!

  • dallan elk says:

    my dad is English. This is amazingly modern

  • Deci says:

    I was separated many years ago from the only father i was ever to know. It was a great loss.

  • Helen EG says:

    There’s nobody like my dad. He’s not physically imposing at the height of 5’7″ but you just don’t mess with him; growing up, all of our male friends were too scared to even phone our house because my dad was just that scrappy and tough and intimidating. On the other hand, he can be the most charming man you’ve ever met, and when he works a room, you’d almost swear he was famous, because everyone would just adore him and want to socialize with him.

    My dad is brilliant. He can be preparing dinner in the kitchen and if he overhears you playing cribbage, he’ll know exactly how many points are in your hand before you’ve even started counting. He’s a lucky son-of-a-gun, and most of his furniture from his first house were spoils of his gambling wins. He’s also the world’s best chef; he does it for a living but he also does it because he’s passionate about good food.

    My dad is one of my favourite people of all time. He’s such a character and there is truly nobody like him.

    He also drinks copious amounts of tea each day, being a very traditional Chinese man. This teapot would be perfect for my dear dad. 🙂

  • Sarah Z says:

    My dad is special because he helps me take care of my house plus his own! I can barely hang a picture so he is a BIG help to me!

  • wendy wallach says:

    My Dad is special because he never says ” I told you so”, even though he really wants to.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  • My Dad is great because he accpets me and my sister for just the way we are, with all of our imperfections. And he still loves us anyway.
    litefoot873 (@) hotmail.com

  • manish says:

    My DAD is an awesome ma. He is a man of his words and a kind heart loving person. He has did what all he can for past years his life to ensure that his kids got everything they ask for and they should enjoy every moment of their life. he gave best of the education to his kids, working hard all the day when he comes home and see his kids, I saw him with a face of Joy. I am sure to 101% that he will be doing the same for next years of his life.

    I wish that I will become a parent like him and I pray from god that give me the same parents for all my next reincarnaations.

    for me My dad (both parents) is “GOD”

  • Sheila R says:

    My dad is so special because him and I are great friends he has always been there for me when I have needed him. He is very caring and I know I can count on him for anything.
    [email protected]

  • hannah harris says:

    he loved me even when i didnt love myself

  • Darcy B says:

    My Dad taught me that I choose my own path, and that if I’m not happy I have the power to choose another.

  • Dustin McKellar says:

    I’d love it. my father is very ill and would love it.

  • ktanjatk says:

    My dad is truly a special person, always there for us, always upbeat & ready to make a joke! In other words, you can’t be sad when he’s around 🙂

  • Vicki Andrew says:

    my father is dead but he lived in Japan for almost 4 years and loved the idea of the tea ceramony. He use to fix me jasmine flower tea

  • Allen Wong says:

    I can tell you with no hesitation that my father is a rat bastard alcoholic that squandered his family fortune and was/is a horrible, horrible parental figure. However, since I’ve been urged by my loving mother to be more celebratory and be kind to my ailing father, I decided to throw my hat into the mix to win this exquisite teapot because this is the most effort I am going to ply in getting my father a gift. Actually going out and spending money to purchase a gift for my father is way more than he deserves.

    But there are so many contests, Allen… Why this one? Well, my father has bladder problems and he needs a urinal pot to carry around. The Sorapot would suffice. Plus, despite being horrible parental figure, he was actually a talented architect in his youth who had knack for creative contemporary designs.

  • Leigh Nichols says:

    My step-dad IS my real Dad- he has been a Father to me in every way my biological father neglected to be.
    All I need to do is call him and tell him I need something or need help, and he drives 2 1/2 hours to my house without hesitation.
    He is my hero- he makes me GLAD that my real father wasn’t around, because no one else could live up to him.

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