TouchOfModern 5 Days of Giveaways: Day 2- Gift Ideas For The Connoisseur

The number one flash sales site TouchOfModern is back again this year, with the intention of making shopping for gifts a much easier and rewarding experience for you. In this five-part series we have compiled a compelling shortlist of five ideas of what you can gift to someone you love, based on their personality. That is not all, state your choice from the list and TouchOfModern will go out of their way to get you that gift and present it to you! Details inside.

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Five Unique Drinkware Products

2 Cognac Glasses by Rikke Hagen

Kickstarter WineHive

Bayberk 6-piece Flask Set

Ego Together Whiskey Glasses

Sempli Wine Decanter and Two Wine Glasses


  • Fernando Lemos says:

    Nice contest!

  • gaurav says:

    I want to participate.. Please let me know the details..

  • Zoe Fernandez says:

    I would buy the kickstarter winehive. I travel between cities and always end up with a good amount of wine bottles at each of my homes and this would be perfect for me since it’s collapsible. And let’s face it, I’m a wine lover!

  • ronaldtsc says:

    I would buy Kickstarter WineHive because it’s a piece of art to express how much you’re into wine and it show how classy you are as a passionate wine lover.

  • Tina says:

    I’d buy Sempli Wine Decanter and Two Wine Glasses – I always appreciate a glass of good wine and it’s a good way to drink it with style and aestetic pleasure.

  • Jonas says:


  • Lani Tan says:

    I love the Flask Set! Very ideal in every way!

  • John Enderby says:

    Those whiskey glasses would go down a treat this Christmas, would happily sip some single malt out of those!

  • DI says:

    Whatever the prize, they’re all nice !

  • Jonathan Schnittger says:

    I love that flask set, brilliant design! Would be great for mountain walks over Christmas

  • Tareq Ghattas says:

    i would buy the kickstarter winehive it’s an elegant and modern piece of art that suits my home bar the metal color would blend well with the wood i have and it is so efficient holds up to 12 bottles in such a small space

  • Bruce Brown says:

    Ego Together Whiskey Glasses classic lines make beautiful glasses like my beautiful partner who would get them.

  • Balu says:

    I would like to gift the Bayberk 6-piece Flask Set. The design is cool and tempting.

  • Stephen says:

    I would buy the wine glasses. Looks like it’d be fun to toy with an empty glass in between refills.

  • WOW! AMAZING! I don’t know witch one I choose! But if I have to, I have to choose the “Sempli Wine Decanter and Two Wine Glasses”. I love design. I love wine. It makes perfect sense have two of my passions in one beautiful element!

  • wendy says:

    The Sempli Rolling Decanter and Rolling Glasses are elegant and quirky and definitely my favourite items in the drinks/glassware section of Touch Of Modern (although i also like the ‘inside out’ glasses by AMT).
    These are the ones i’d buy – for myself!

  • Neha M says:

    These products just go to show that elegance, and simplicity together can have fun and can make a very awesome product!!!

  • dok says:

    the whiskey glasses. I know a lot of whiskey lovers and who would kill for great tumblers. those presented here are great ones.

  • V says:

    Love the Bayberk Flask Set. Looks very sturdy and anything with a carrying case is great for celebrating on the go!

  • Serkan says:

    Perfect work.

  • Rui says:

    It’sempli to me. All I need
    a Nice Wine Decanter and two all-a-round glasses.

  • Clinton Mukai says:

    Awesome! *hic*

  • Alfred Chow says:

    Sempli Wine Decanter and Two Wine Glasses? I don’t think I’ve seen anything more beautiful. A.Maz.Ing! Want very much. Please?

  • Mitch says:

    Flask set. Because every modern gal should own one. PS, I don’t…yet…

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