This desktop lightbox makes your lighting setup as advanced as your camera

Looking quite like a miniaturized stage-setup from Coachella, the Photon was designed to give your photography the next big hardware upgrade. With an incredible camera now being able to fit right in your pocket, it only made sense to make expert studio lighting accessible to everyone too. The Photon isn’t your regular light box. It’s a modular system of more than 2700 LEDs arranged within 75 LED blocks. You can trigger any arrangement of LED blocks at any time, lighting up your subjects/products in ways that you never imagined… and you don’t need to manually move lights to change your lighting setup. You can just press a few buttons on your smartphone to switch off one LED block at one location, and trigger another one at a different location to dynamically change your light-arrangement.

Styled like most light-boxes, Photon is a 5-sided cube that you can photograph products in. A canvas/backdrop hangs from the panel at the back to the base, giving you a clean background for your products – but what’s really exciting is the Photon’s light-setup. The Photon’s remaining panels are, in fact, entirely made up of LEDs from top to bottom covered with a frosted diffuser-surface. These LEDs, connected to a centrally-controlled source, can be triggered to give you drop-down and side-lighting. Depending on your product, its shape, size, orientation, and the quality of its surfaces, you can trigger different combination of light blocks, creating dynamic or uniformed lighting that mimics the versatility of having an entire light setup with 5-6 lamps. You can save lighting presets or access light presets from Photon’s library, and even animate the light blocks to really make product photography interesting!

Things get really interesting is when you begin thinking out of the box… literally! Photon’s modular lighting panels don’t need to always be assembled in a box. They can work independently, or in different shapes, or can even expand to fit larger products, giving you the expertise of having professional-grade lighting equipment with the absolute versatility that the Photon prides itself in. The Photon works right out of the box, and doesn’t need any expertise or professional guidance. An easy-to-use interface allows you to toggle light-blocks, setting up a lighting profile that is unique to your sense of composition, your product, and that camera in your hand… be it a humble-but-powerful smartphone camera, or an expensive DSLR. The camera has evolved a lot in the past 10 years – the Photon Light Module System brings the same kind of evolution to the rest of your photography setup too!

Designer: Iaroslav Neliubov

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Photon Light Module System

An advanced mini photo studio with a fully controlled light system for detailed object shooting!

The advanced Modular Studio allows instant Light Scenes change, controllable via Smartphone or PC. Modular easy-to-install system enables you to shoot different size objects, miniature or massive.

Below: Features

– Each module consists of 25 active light blocks 4×4 inches
– Each block has 36 LED elements
– Total 2700 LED lights
– Module size: 20×20 inches
– Each module has its Wi-Fi transmitter


Simple installation – Does not require any professional skills
Price – Much cheaper than studio equipment
Placing, space savings – 1/4 sq.m in contrast to 3 sq.m
Speed – Instant change of lighting
Visibility – When lighting is constant on the object, you instantly see the result of lighting scene
Skills – At home, in the office or shop settings you can easily produce quality content without any dedicated photography skills

Below: How It Works

1. Fully controlled Lighting System with instant change of Light Scenes. They do not relocate the light source, but they shift the light. The object is illuminated from many different angles using the optimally arranged LEDs in each module. It’s all about the control over the light!

2. Auto Mode. Shoot & Upload HQ visuals just in seconds. We created a sophisticated library of various light scenes. Enjoy results right away with 10-15 ready-to-use light scenes.

3. Saving Light Scenes. Set up your own scenes and save them for later use or just download free pre-sets. Take control of every flare!

4. Module System. Choose various ways how to install modules: from 1 up to 20 blocks. Don’t need a cube? Build a wall with no sides! Want to have more light from the top? No problem, just set it!

5. Ready-to-use solution. Straight out of the box. Get the set and immediately shoot. Modify your module system with add-ons to achieve spectacular output.

6. Shoot like a PRO. Pre-sets provide impressive results without any dedicated photography skills. See how the object will look on a screen & rapidly adjust the light scene to get the most out of it. Put a Pro to work for You!

Below: Module System

Modules configuration is changed according to shooting object size, backgrounds and screens necessity. The system also allows connecting more than 3 modules:

2 Modules

3 Modules

The module system was invented and configured to shoot objects and compositions of virtually any size.


Being assembled and connected to power supply, modules run test mode (turn all on) to check serviceability and welcome command (smile) to add a photo. Each module then connects to Wi-Fi, which is indicated in the App. After that you can easily manage modules from any device that’s in the same net. Modules control is managed through display of light scenes on the device screen, (Smartphone) by setting up your scenes or downloading pre-sets.

The Photon LMS App changes light scene instantly from any device: tablet, smartphone or laptop. Lightweight and easy to use app for those who appreciate Time, Speed & Quality. The App comes with a generous introductory package of FREE pre-sets. It is simple and straightforward to use, designed to pursue top efficiency. Everything is streamlined and simplified for your convenience!

Why The Photon

Price: Costs less than a set of flashes. Literally. The whole studio will cost you way less than a set of ordinary flashes and accessories.
Size: One easy-to-use photo studio instead of loads of equipment; when shooting small objects, the standard equipment is too large and bulky one. Moreover, the process also requires constant control and appropriate light settings adjustments.
Skills: You don’t need to have a wide knowledge of lighting settings or any photography skills to obtain a perfect result.
Time: Photon LMS is a straight out of the box, ready to use solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs to create in-house product photos!
Portability: Strong & Light materials to handle! To maintain the portable concept, we will use strong and light materials to make it easy to carry neatly.

Below: Taken With The Photon

Below: Tech Specs

New generation of Light Box!

Photon prototype basic electronics r.003 specification:

– LED Manufacturer – CREE;
– LED Package (mm) – 2835;
– LED Colour temperature – 5600K;
– LED CRI > 80%;
– Light pulsations level < 5%, frequency – 400-800 kHz;
– Illuminance on the bottom of Photon box – 25000 lux;
– 1 Module input DC voltage – 24 V;
– 1 Module maximum input current – 3.4 A;
– Maximum Power Consumption (All cells at maximum brightness)
– 100 W per module & 300 W per basic kit (3 modules);
– One cell power consumption – 3-3.3 W

The MONSTER POWER lighting to draw any light scene you may need to cover objects. Energy-efficient LEDs built-in in every module.

The Story Of Creating

We have come a long way since we first came up with the idea of creating fully controlled light system one year ago. We believed that the advanced modular studio can change the way we take photos at home. With this in mind our team spent countless nights designing, prototyping, testing, programming, and pitching our ideas to thousands of people, receiving feedback on Photon LMS. Six month in, our product has been verified and is ready for manufacturing.

In August 2018 we went public with that achievement and won Concepter Acceleration program as well as CES2019 booth supported by UVCA. It was a huge success!

Click Here to Buy Now: $219 $239 ($20 off).