Eating With Benefeat

Benefeat looks like any regular tableware, but is specifically designed to eliminate the social stigma related to adults with cerebral palsy and when they dine with others. Five dinnerware have been designed for this, the first is bowl with an inclined inner base, the second is a plate that is inclined above a flat base, next is a cup with a straw insert, the fourth is a spoon with an adjusted angle and finally an anti-slip placemat.

  • The Benefeat bowl has an inclined inner base profile that allows food to be more easily scooped up.
  • The edge profile is also slanted, gradually changing in profile from convex to concave at the lip of the bowl.
  • The lip itself makes gripping the bowl easier.
  • A non-slip base pad can be detached for cleaning – also a common feature of the plate and cup.
  • The Benefeat plate is inclined above a flat base; so one side is higher than the other.
  • The user can rotate it to the position that best suits them.
  • The wide edge can also accommodate food, and the handle is easy to grip.
  • The lip of the Benefeat cup contains a hole through which a straw can be inserted to overcome this problem.
  • The handle has been shaped for easy holding.
  • The Benefeat spoon can be adjusted to any angle, it has an ergonomically shaped silicon handle, which ensures that it can be gripped well.
  • The anti-slip Benefeat placemat incorporates a groove near the edge that prevents any spillages from flowing out onto the table.
  • The non-slip base pads for the bowl, plate, and cup are all the same size and can be interchanged.

Benefeat is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: I-Ting Chan & Ting-Yin Yeh