Audi Awesomeness

The Audi Concept Projector is all about incorporating the Audi DNA into the design. The highlight of course is the Audi grille design wind hole of the projector. Very masculine and vibrant, even the smart start button has picked up influences from the car.

Designer: Kyuho Song


  • Vinicius says:

    Sorry but i can’t see the AUDI Design DNA or lines in this design, at all. I still think it’s charming but not related to the brand…

  • Mariano says:

    looks good! but nothing to do with AUDI

  • Eric says:

    Not much tought put into this. Sad example how you try to design products that match with some well known brand just by adding their logo few times too much to a random piece of plastic casing.

  • devraj says:

    am working at audi right now and sorry..this is not that close to audi DNA. no tension in the lines and the grille is wrong

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