This award-winning portable camp-stove opens up with a single push

The Herbet Portable Stove’s interlocking tripod design HAS to be one of the most interesting takes on stoves I’ve seen in a while. All it takes to deploy the stovetop is to push the opposite ends together and watch the two tripods expand, creating a stable base as well as a stable stovetop to rest utensils. Made from laser-cut and sheet-folded stainless steel, the Herbet is all about championing portability, with a compact and lightweight design.

At just 40mm in diameter, the Herbet’s cylindrical closed-design is absolutely perfect for carrying along in your backpack (you could slide it into your bottle-holder too, if you wanted). Once you’re at the site, just push down on the two ends of the stove and it expands sideways (sort of like a car-jack but in 3 dimensions), making it ready to use. A pipe outlet at the base lets you connect the stove to any fuel source, while the stable tripod design lets you rest any sort of utensil above the Herbet. Once you’re done, wait for the Herbet to cool off (it’s made of metal, after all) before pulling on the two ends to make the stove’s legs collapse back into a compact, long cylinder that slides right back into your backpack or car’s glove box for another day!

The Herbet Portable Stove is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Idan Herbet