VAEN Bike Saddle Concept takes advantage of a lattice foam design for comfort

Concept Vaen Bike Saddle

Cycling is one amazing sport as it can stimulate and improve the lungs, heart, and circulation. However, it’s not always that comfortable.

We understand that cyclists have ways to enhance every experience. They change bike accessories and gear. But perhaps one part that is often taken for granted and forgotten is the saddle. The VAEN Bike Saddle is a concept designed with an organic lattice foam structure that is 3D-printed. The foam structure layer is what makes this comfortable to sit on. It will actually remind you of what was used on the Adidas Futurecraft 4D Shoes.

Designer: Vasi Gandhi

Vaen Concept Bike Saddle

Vaen Bike Saddle Concept Vaen Bike Saddle Concept Images

Designed by Vasi Ganea, a Spanish industrial designer that regularly applies the lattice form on different products, the bike saddle concept has taken advantage of the Voronoi. The latter is one of the most used and viewed structures in 3D printing. It is simple to generate and print.

Vaen Bike Saddle

Ganea preferred the Voronio over other periodic cell designs because of its organic character. The pattern produced is attractive while offering an important function, making the saddle more comfortable than ever.

Vaen Concept Bike SaddleThe VAEN bike saddle concept is designed for additive manufacturing. This process of making objects with geometric shapes requires layer by layer in 3D printing so the result is a saddle that is comfortable to use even after a long day of biking.

Concept Vaen Bike Saddle Design

Vasi Ganea’s VAEN is not just your ordinary design studio. It’s an Earth-based design studio that will soon introduce more interesting pieces. The designer’s portfolio includes a new take on common pieces for the home like an oven toaster, dining chair, toothbrush, smart TV, and now this bike saddle.

The bike saddle concept from Vaen t is something that can be considered by cyclists and bike parts manufacturers. It provides softness and comfort plus aesthetics that also offers usability, solution, and the right kind of support.

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