A New Generation of Saddles

Since 1866, the Brooks company has been known for its craftsmanship, durability, and quirky British insistence on doing things differently. When it came time to design the first new bike saddle in decades, they sought out IDEO to pay respect to this heritage. The result is a saddle with the same durability as traditional leather saddles, but with modern comfort and weather protection. Called Cambium, it’s a more dependable option for devoted traditionalists!
Cambium is crafted from high-quality materials that are true to the character of Brooks: Vulcanized natural rubber with a layer of woven organic cotton fused to the top. Aluminum and steel for the structure.
For instant comfort and zero maintenance, the uniquely flexible waterproof top is designed to follow the rider’s movements and
deliver immediate comfort. There’s no breaking it in. No need to reset the tension of the saddle over time. No need to weatherproof the material.

Designer: IDEO