Surround Sound With Smart Audio Phones

Audio Phones is a surround sound cell phone that uses a 5.1 multi-channel audio system. The concept addresses the need for innovation in the field of sound technology in Smartphones. Unless you pair the phone with great portable speakers or headphones, you feel shortchanged in the audio department.

In short, Audio Phones is a surround-sound cell phone that produces clear, pure, and overwhelming sound performance. Inspired by the stingray, the phone has been designed as such that each audio output point is hidden under a raise in the phone’s surface.

  • A power amplification module and six speakers (high pitch, left channel, right channel, left rear, right rear, and subwoofer) are integrated.
  • Each of the speakers is separated as an individual sound chamber, functioning independently yet in coordination to produce the effect of a home theatre system.
  • The curves at the top, bottom, and four corners of the phone make it comfortable to hold.
  • The inner shell of the phone is made with translucent material.
  • The sealing ring for each sound chamber is made with optical transmission material.
  • Colored LED tubes are installed on the main board, and flicker with the rhythm and genre of music under the control of the programme.
  • They can emit a single color or many colors at once, creating a unique glow.
  • The user can select an outer shell from multiple colors and material options.

Audio Phones is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner!

Designer: Wang He