Shark In The Sink!

So the kitchen sink is full of suds and dishes and it includes that sharp knife you last cut your hand on. Only if you had the innovative Sharking Knife; one that is designed to float in a sink full of water! Check out the cute explanatory video after the jump.

Designers: Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Mauo says:

    I wonder if Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park have calculated the volume of air you would need to float that large of a metal knife. Seems to me the proportions are a ‘bit’ off here.

  • Nathan says:

    More information about the tool itself is required. What kind of metal is it made from? Has any research into appropriate knife-making steels been done? Also, how does the hollow handle affect the balance of the knife? I would assume it would be very heavy on the blade end causing increased wrist fatigue during use. How will this knife be manufactured?

  • chef says:

    I do think they never cook and clean a knife.. as a cooker, I would never put my knife into the sink.

  • Dan says:

    Cool conept that ignore the most important things about a chefs knife.

    Balance and weight lets ignore the blade materials for now.

    By reducing the weight in the handle you move the axis point for the knife or where is rotates. If the knife is not balanced it becomes a pain to use and by design this will bounce the blade edge on the bottom of the sink so you will also incur un even wear.

    This is really a solution that ignores what made the device good in the beginning.

  • Devin says:

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