Bling Is In

There are some ideas that deserve nothing but an applause and silent appreciation. A moment like when you saw the red MacPro that Jony Ive dished, and then in the same breath this MacPro Bling Bling Concept.

Take a bow Martin Hajek.

Designer: Martin Hajek


  • Tom says:

    I like.

    However, if you’re going to make a computer tower an actual tower, it needs crenulations.

  • Mauo says:

    You credited The designer wrong, it should reda Apple Inc, not Selma hajek! Coloring something with a different color is not designing it, all credit goes to jonny ive

  • NZ says:

    I like having all the ports up front and in one place. But why the power plug? That seems like one that should be in the back or at least to the side, since the user is not plugging and unplugging power every day.

    Also, I notice there are two mini jacks (one presumably for headphones, one for mic). This is a throwback to earlier Mac designs–newer ones have only one two-way mini jack. So if they’re going to include that throwback, why not also throw in some Firewire ports?

  • Truffol says:

    This can be a great champagne(-colored) ice bucket!

    There is definitely a gadget gold rush happening since the release of the 5s. Having color variations for Mac won’t be the worst thing, as Steve Jobs only revived Apple with colorful iMacs in late 1990s. Only now we are talking precious metal colors!

  • dave says:

    Nothing to see here folks, move on.

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