This watch’s paracord wristband allows it to easily turn into a neck-worn stopwatch

Wristwatch, pocket-watch, stopwatch, the Artika Horizon 2 can seamlessly transition between all three avatars, thanks to its innovative use of a paracord-based wristband. The watch’s body sports hollow channels along the rim that guide the paracord, while a clasp helps secure the paracord strap around your wrist. To transition into pocket-watch or neck-worn stopwatch mode, just pull the paracord out of the clasp and slide the watch’s body to the opposite end and voila! The one-of-a-kind cord-based strap system doesn’t just give the watch a unique transforming ability, it lends a sporty, lean, mean aesthetic to the watch too! I personally can’t wait to see a prototype of this bad boy in action!

Designer: Albert Rakhimzhanov in collaboration with Stieglitz Academy of Saint Petersburg