Eco – Mobius Phone

The ECO-MOBIUS is a modular phone that can be easily assembled and upgraded. Its modules are easily replaceable and are assembled via sliding tracks. Basically the phone is divided into four independent modules – display, core, battery, and camera. The display module includes the screen and the lens; the core module is loaded with CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, and other electronic devices.

  • In the core module, the CPU, RAM, etc. can be removed and are fixed by magnets.
  • The camera module is also fixed magnetically.
  • Specs include a cost-effective core with multiple functions; and a replaceable battery module.
  • The module exchange mechanism makes the most of materials, reducing environmental pressure from waste and pollution.

Eco-Mobius is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner!

Designers: Peter Gao, Xiao Qihu, Able Chen, Chen Cuifeng, Fiona Chen, Chen Yan, Dong Feng, Xu Yuanyuan, Yu Chaoyang & Yu Yue from ZTE Corporation