Fresh Air Wands

How smart! The compact Vita air freshener and purifier is designed to deodorize and clean air everywhere from the closet to the kitchen. Ionic purification technology works to eliminate the smell without chemicals, leaving behind fresh, clean air. No need to lug around a large unit from room to room— each Vita comes with 3 rechargeable purifying sticks that easily move from room to room where you need them most.

Designer: Fulden Dehneli


  • yairpurifier says:

    Great design.Wonderful!I love it.

  • Fulden says:

    thank you so much 🙂

  • James says:

    What a cool looking air purifier! So sleek and genius design. So glad I found this page and will share this air purifier with my followers.

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  • Great design. I think it’s price is not really cheap.

  • Joline S. Arnold says:

    This air purifier provides clean and fresh air wands to breathe. It eliminated harmful air continents and provides odors free air.

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