The Perfect Soak

The Andante offers a new paradigm of bathroom by offering a unique way to fill up the tub. Instead of using a traditional faucet, the tub fills up from the bottom, giving the effect of water permeating from the floor. Kinda like an ocean effect; something that me-likes!

Designer: Jun Young Park


  • Tom says:

    An interesting concept but not even close to a new idea. I have been designing bath hardware and accessories for over 35 years, and worked on that idea in the late 80’s. Even though it makes for a faucet free countertop and does create some mystery, it is not without problems. The inline water supply is situated under the water that the user takes a bath with. Bath water is dirty water. The water supply line can easily become contaminated with the previous bath dirty water. This concept would not be passed by the codes and regulations.

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