Dew Water And Tasty!

The Air Water Collector is a water collection device to be used by those folks who are out in the desert, arid lands. The appliance uses the process of dew collection and carbon filtration to help collect and purify water. A handy tool for campers and explorers alike!

Designers: Tong-Shang, Teng-Wen Hu, Jie-Yu Jiang, Zi-Shuo Fang,
Chi Cheng & Xiao-Neng Jin


  • Caroline Dawid says:

    Where can I find more info on this product? Is there contact details for the designers and are they expecting to have inventory soon?

  • Water Damage says:

    I am skeptical but i also love gadgets. Where can i pick one up?

  • Art says:

    A fantastic concept, but will it work? How much water is it supposed to be able to collect within 24h?

  • AO says:

    I want one as well.

  • FangZishuo says:

    I am designer of the project.This just is a concept design.This product has not been made

  • Gonzalo says:

    When Are you having a sample that I can test in Mexico? We have has several drought season in theist years … People is dying for lack of water … Am interested in this product for my country … Pleaselet me know any news

  • Stilgar says:

    Then stop advertising it. I am so fucking tired of seeing something cool that I’d be interested in owning only to find out its just photoshop and a dream.

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