Behold this bifold wallet that has an opposable thumb!

What would we do without thumbs, really? Thumbs have helped us grip things, maneuver tools, turn pages, throw punches, swipe on tinder dates, type texts, and do so much that makes our species extraordinary. The opposable thumb is a major pivotal point in our evolution, and along with our enlarged brains, has created the powerful species on earth. I guess it’s fair to say that the opposable thumb helps us stand out as a species… and helps the Arc Clipfold stand out as a wallet too, because this bifold wallet has, among many other unique features, an opposable thumb-like leather tag that holds onto notes much like the human hand does.

I’ve seen a lot of wallets in my years as an editor, but none as unique as the Arc Clipfold. Wallets could be slim, minimalist, waterproof, made out of kevlar, or have GPS trackers and cameras inside them, but the Arc Clipfold feels like a design evolution of sorts. With an outer body made of premium top-grain leather, complete with a water-repellent surface finish, the Arc Clipfold feels familiar to the eye as well as to the touch. It comes with a nylon pull-tag on one side that deploys your cards without having to open the wallet, and on the other side, a zippered pouch for coins and receipts.

Open the bifold and you see exactly what makes the Arc Clipfold so different. A leather tag/clip on the inside holds your notes in place like a thumb, providing enough grip to keep your banknotes secured, but loose enough that you can pull out a note without any hassle. Unlike most traditional bifolds that store your cash in pouches, having you practically opening your wallet apart so you can see what change you have, Arc Clipfold’s leather clip holds your notes but also keeps them visible and easy to access.

Right behind the banknotes are several card slots for storing payment cards, business cards, ticket stubs, etc. With enough space for more than 6 cards, the Arc Clipfold even comes with an RFID-blocking lining, to not just encase but also protect your cards from digital theft. With its slick, all-black appearance, the Arc Clipfold looks like it means business, and measuring at just 1.3cm when filled with cards, cash, and coins, the Arc Clipfold is as slim as it’s innovative. Besides, Yanko Design readers are entitled to a special 32% discount! I give it a ‘thumbs-up’! You know, with my opposable thumbs…

Designer: Chris Paragas

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Arc Clipfold – A Wallet Designed With No Compromise

Access your cash, cards, and coins in the most intuitive and effortless way possible. A newly devised Clipfold Money Clip, Gridstop Pull Tab, and Coin Stash feature makes this possible.

Clipfold Money Clip

Access, manage, and store your cash in the most effortless way possible. The money clip was designed to roughly arc at a 45 degree angle to keep your cash readily accessible for a swift and intuitive cash handling experience.

While other wallets have you pinching for your cash or unraveling a quartered bill, this money clip keeps your cash flat and compliant for optimal cash management.

Now revamped with an extended length and 1.5x the rigidity of previous iterations. Each cash tab is now constructed with a bespoke top-grain leather selected to achieve its unique structure, form, and functionality.

Quick Draw Gridstop Pull Tab

Pull, fan out, and gain access to all your cards in a swift and intuitive motion. Each card cavity can contain up to 3 cards each(6 total), giving each clipfold the needed capacity to hold all your frequently used cards.

Coin Stash

Available exclusively for the Arc Pinnacle. Conveniently stow all your coins and/or trinkets in a swift and organized manner. The coin stash was designed for effortless access and a clear first-person perspective when accessing your coins.

Water Resistant Top-grain Leather

Each Arc clipfold is crafted with their bespoke water repellent top-grain leather for added resistance to any light rain, spill or moisture.

Beautiful inside and out!

210D Dyneema Gridstop Nylon

The beauty of gridstop nylon has been proven to withstand the rigors of any weather condition, while evoking a sleek and modern aesthetic to complement your attire.

Thin and Accommodating

Below: Interior Stash Compartment

It accommodates extra cards, business cards, receipts, tickets, larger notes etc.

Below: Variants – Minimalist and Pinnacle

Below: Lining Option – Traditional and Gridstop

Traditional Black Cross-Weave Nylon Lining

Gridstop Lining

Click Here to Buy Now: $37 $55 (32% off). Hurry, exclusive YD ‘Secret’ Perk, limited to first 100 wallets!