Friday Giveaway: 15 Beyzacases Zero Series Cover for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” Living up to this legacy of Steve Jobs, Beyzacases is out with the World’s Thinnest Zero Series Cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Protective gear that is sleek, handcrafted from genuine leather and really slim, you can win one of the 15 cases we are giving, by simply telling us why your iPhone needs the Beyzacases Zero Series Cover?

Contest Rules

  • 15 Beyzacases Zero Series Covers are up for grabs
  • Contest open worldwide
  • Contest closes 16th October 2011, midnight PST

To Win

More About the Beyzacases Zero Series Cover for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Zero Series is the World’s Thinnest iPhone Cover. It features a slim, streamlined design that adds no bulk. Handcrafted for the ultimate protection, these genuine leather cases feature soft lining and protection against scratches. Available in a range of colors, the contrasting stitch detailing adds a dash of hue to the design. A very clever bottom opening makes it easy to slide out the phone from its case. Find the latest Beyzacases news on their Facebook.


  • Rey N says:

    I jusut got my iphone 4s and as a teen im naturally reckless and definitely need to protect my 4s. This case is also sick

  • Rob says:

    Because I spent over five hours with Sprint getting the frackin’ phone and they still put me on the wrong plan for almost twice as much money.

    True story.

  • Karla Corona says:

    My iPhone says she’s tired of people staring at her goodies and needs to cover up in something fancy. These indecent exposure citations are getting to be expensive.

  • Evan says:

    I’d love one so that my iphone can look super sexy while still being protected 🙂

  • Glenn Kitchener says:

    I just need one because they are a fantastic design 😀

    Plus, i’m a student and can’t afford to buy a decent case, haha

  • Vaughn McKenzie says:

    I actually don’t think my iPhone needs a case but Siri seems to disagree. The new case may shut her up for a couple weeks and help slow my eventual demise from being nagged to death… Looking forward to it guys! Thanks.

  • Victoria Snell says:

    My iPhone is cold.

  • Danton says:

    What a coincidence I was just searching for a new iPhone case and screen protector today.

  • Colleen says:

    My iPhone needs a Zero beyzacase because they are super thin, genuine leather, AND I can get one in Fire Engine Red! How cool is that!

  • Eric Peterson says:

    Well, I don’t yet have an iPhone, but like the true child it will be to me, I need to purchase such necessities as the crib and clothing before its arrival.

  • bhapu says:

    4s arrives tomorrow and I’m broke.

  • Dick Novack says:

    Never had an iPhone before the 4s. My pocket doesn’t have room for a case bigger than Zero.

  • Shawn says:

    It completes me…. I am a dad that needs some GQ-ness

  • fadi says:

    simply cause form follow function !

  • Shawn says:

    I drive a mini van 🙁

  • Jamie says:

    my phone really needs a zero case because i have spent all my money on being able to have an iPhone 4s and need it too look as good as it can in order for people to appreciate the awesomeness of the iPhone 4s, with this care it will show the greatness of the iPhone and also keep it warm for the winter 🙂

  • Mark says:

    My phone doesn’t need a case as such … But like most things in life that you love or enjoy, it’s better to protect it than loose it ….. And draping it leather is just an added luxurious bonus.

  • ajfxiii says:

    My wife just got her first smart phone Friday (the 4 S). She needs this case because her purses are so freakin’ huge, that the poor phone might get lost in there for days. Please help keep her phone safe during those long, lost days inside the bag!! Thanks!

  • James says:

    Because it feels like heaven, has the best fit on earth, and looks sexy as hell.

  • Mohammad says:

    I liked the design, and the material looks genuine.

  • Jarvin says:

    I have been searching for a leather case for some time now, but alas everything that I have seen has failed to meet expectation. As I was just about to give up hope and retire to having to use one of those thin silicone protectors, I saw the magnificent Beyzacases Zero Series Cover for iPhone. It is what I have been searching for all along: sleek, slim, elegant, classy, and is made of genuine leather. What more can I ask for? I really do want one.

  • Andriy says:

    Beyzacases Zero Series Cover will take care of my iphone and let him breathe freely throughout the life 🙂

  • Jen says:

    My iPhone needs the Beyzacases Zero Series Cover because I literally JUST broke my current case D:

  • Yifan says:

    My iPhone needs the Beyzacases Zero Series Cover because I’m clumsy and drop a lot of my electronics. This case would protect my iPhone in case I drop it on the ground.

  • Ryan Alishio says:

    I need the case for a friend who just got her phone but carries it around in the original apple iphone box with tissue around it so it’s protected from scratches

  • Kien says:

    Need to protect the elegance of the 4s

  • Ryan Alishio says:

    I need the case for a friend who just got a new iphone but only carries it around in its original box with tissue around it so it’s protected from scratches

  • Kai says:

    ’cause my lovely kids flushed my last cover down the loo….

  • jim says:

    These are super cool and style matters big time …..i will love to show of my new phone with cover

  • Jerry says:

    My phone needs the Beyzacases cover since it looks nice and will prevent scratches.

  • Johnson Oh says:

    It’s because I love the black and red stitching to go with my black car and red viper racing strip. As a MINImalist, thin and functional is the most important thing.

  • Jim says:

    I need this because I got butterfingers and I always drop my phone. And also if I get one I will probably buy another one.

  • Sharon says:

    Because I love the styling and look, and I need a classy cover for my new phone.

  • Jesse says:

    Such a beautiful design, my phone could absolutely use this amazing case. Gotta keep it nice and clean.

  • Goo says:

    A well design product deserves a well designed outfit for it.

  • Vytas says:

    hi ,
    and when the winners will be announced !!
    i can wait !!!! it make me crazy !!!

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