Infinitely customizable keyboard comes with e-ink keys, letting you design your own layout and shortcuts!

I have a 30-minute rant about why touchscreen keyboards suck. I’m a bit of a tactile-loving kind of guy, and believe it or not, even after decades, I’d much rather type on a Blackberry than on an Android keyboard. Now sure, I may be a minority, but it doesn’t change the fact that typing on actual keyboards are just probably more accurate than on touchscreen ones. The only reason touchscreen keyboards have gotten as far ahead as they have is because they can adapt to a variety of layouts. Need a keyboard? Sure. How about a numpad? Okay. Maybe switch things up with emojis? Absolutely. Gifs? Oh, knock yourself out! Touchscreen keyboards are infinitely customizable, which means they can be exactly what you want them to be… and for a while, that very feature is what has held mechanical keyboards back, but the Nemeio ‘global keyboard’ is flipping that switch.

At its heart, the Nemeio is a traditional keyboard. It comes with its familiar layout, with the spacebar at the bottom and the function keys on the top, but look closer and you’ll see that each key isn’t just a plastic keycap… it’s a transparent button sitting above an e-ink display! Switch the Nemeio on and the e-ink screen underneath comes to life, with a backlight that illuminates each key, displaying the symbol the key represents. The presence of a dynamic screen right under the traditional keyboard is what gives Nemeio the best of both worlds. You can adjust Nemeio’s layout on the fly, changing between QWERTY and DVORAK layouts, adding other languages and glyphs to your keyboard, or turning less-used keys into program shortcuts. Nemeio supports all languages from your operating system and its dedicated software allows you to customize your keyboards to suit your needs. If you’re someone who relies heavily on shortcuts, you can even program them into the keyboard and the shortcut icon displays on its relevant key. Layouts can be saved as presets and can be instantly switched between programs, and you can even create dual-language keyboard layouts, switching between typing in English and your language of choice in mere seconds!

The screen brings a level of versatility to the Nemeio which just isn’t possible with regular keyboards. The Nemeio isn’t just a ‘global keyboard’, it’s the keyboard you want it to be. If you’re trying to learn a new software, Nemeio’s keys will guide you through shortcuts, and if you need to type in a variety of languages, a simple switch lets you toggle between different layouts. Or you let Nemeio’s Contextual Switch automatically displays the right layout for the right software for you.  The underlying screen even comes with white-on-black and black-on-white visual formats, giving you bright and discreet visual styles to choose from. Nemeio’s unique versatility isn’t just limited to its layout… it extends to compatibility too. With Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in battery, you can use the Nemeio with your laptop, phone, or even your tablet. The product’s slim avatar means you can carry your keyboard right in your laptop bag, taking it out and using it whenever you please, with a wide range of devices. The product weighs just under 800 grams, making it incredibly portable, and boasts a battery life of 20 hours on a full charge, giving you 2-3 days of productivity before you need to bust the USB-C cable to charge it. The Nemeio wasn’t built for a fixed audience, which is what makes it great – anyone who uses a keyboard could benefit from it. The ability to work across all languages gives the Nemeio a universal appeal that’s hard to match, and the fact that you can customize the layout to suit your own needs means you’ll never need to fumble with a touchscreen keyboard again, or be limited to the age-old design of the traditional mechanical keyboard!

Designer: Nemeio

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Nemeio: The Customizable Global Keyboard

Using e-paper technology, the Nemeio keyboard gives you an infinite combination of possibilities. Helping you to optimize your performance and save you time working on the tasks at hand.

Choose your language, choose your alphabet, choose your keys, manage layouts, make custom shortcuts, save and switch.

Nemeio is completely customizable because of its built-in wide e-paper screen. Whether you choose an existing keyboard layout or design your own, Nemeio will perfectly display your keyboard of choice.

The wide e-paper screen lives underneath 81 transparent keys. The screen mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper and provides visual comfort while using little energy, but also provides a front light to adjust the brightness.

Nemeio’s keys are transparent, so you can easily see the keyboard you’ve designed underneath. Engineered with the perfect amount of touch sensitivity, you’ll feel a combination of sturdiness, smoothness and pliability on each key as you type.

The keyboard also features built-in navigation buttons for you to switch between your keyboard profiles and adjust the brightness of the wide e-paper screen as needed.

This is where you make your Nemeio keyboard. The application makes the setup process simple and easy. Instantly customize and manage layouts — bind commands to the keys and create your own shortcuts in any language or alphabet, or simply change the icons and symbols on the keys.

You can use as many layouts as you want, synchronize your layout on another Nemeio keyboard, share your custom layouts with friends or colleagues, and save and synchronize your layouts on a dedicated cloud.

Nemeio will make your life a lot easier thanks to its smart switch. While you are shifting from a software to the other, Nemeio’s smart switch will automatically display the appropriate layout, without any effort or pressing any button!

Use and display different alphabets with one single keyboard! With Nemeio, wherever you are, you will always have a keyboard adapted to your language(s).

Nemeio is easy to set up – it’s totally plug and play. It can be powered everywhere with its USB-C connector and, of course, you can also use it with Bluetooth.

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Use any language.

Customize your keys.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $248 $394 (37% off). Hurry, for a limited time only! Raised over $130,000.