Spaced Out Connection

The Fold Socket is a power strip that can accommodate different configurations of plugs and place them with ease. The biggest upside is its clever design, the inter socket spaces and expandability feature. The scientific design is convenient and makes the whole setup quite portable. Would love to give it a try.

Designers: Qi Qiu, Shang Zhi & Surong Sun


  • shangzhi says:


  • michelle says:

    Hello…designer shang zhi

    can you tell me any way to buy this wonderful product?

    I am so in love with it…and by the way~~you group really did a good job!!

    what a nice creation…

  • George says:

    Very interested if you had a reply form the designer?
    I can’t seem to contact him/her
    Can you help??

  • George says:

    Hi again Michelle again.
    It seems that I would need to stipulate the product I am referring to.
    This forum appears to be an open book for all products.
    I referring specifically to the “FOLD SOCKET”.
    Sorry about that???

  • Juliana says:

    How can I buy it?

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