Literally out of this world!

A few years ago, space tourism was utterly science fiction. But with private operations already underway and queues of wealthy travelers lining up, this ultimate thrill-seeker’s adventure has become a reality. The XLDron M Gravity concept sheds light on what we might expect from our future spacecraft. The dual vehicle design consists of a shuttle and “rocket-plane” that work in tandem to carry 4 crew and 10 tourists beyond the reaches of our atmosphere before gliding home. 

Designer: Oscar Viñals


  • Quintin Smits says:

    In what way is this different from Virgin Galactic? (except from the completely fantastical sci-fi design of this vehicle, compared to the real world and actually flying SpaceShip One/White Knight combination?)

    And I don’t even find the textures/modeling particularly well done in these drawings…

    Are the front windows of that plane supposed to be different colors in the different images?

  • Hunter says:

    LOL: costs only $150 million.

  • stephen russell says:

    Upscale rocket plane to carry 50 into Space & mother plane for dual role: Cargo & passenger mix for Earth flights alone.
    Be awesome.
    R&D in CA & mass produce.
    Love your work < Oscar

  • john says:

    This design looks great!!!
    Good and fresh ideas, that’s what we need, start mass producing this.
    Well done Oscar

  • DarkStar says:

    To many things wrong with this design!
    First the aerodynamics of both mothership & spaceship
    together would cause disturbance of each other.

    The spaceships dynamics aren’t stable & you can forget about

  • mif991 says:

    This gives us a glimpse onto the future of flight? Try Virgin’s a bonafide proven, vehicle. But these are nice renderings too, for a movie or something.

  • webM says:

    Wing design would not work with current shape. And how can you put a price on a mere concept

  • Rob360 says:

    How is this not a direct rip off of the Spaceship one/two and white knight with some ridiculous wing designs?

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