Ergonomic eReader

While using an iPad to read an article, designer Chi-Tai Hsu started to notice finger pain and discomfort from the constant scrolling as well as eye fatigue from having to carefully stare at the text line while repositioning the paragraph to read more. Chi’s response to this problem is the “Reading Serenely” eReader with eInk display. Like reading a bound book, the design attempts to mimic the way in which we naturally flip from page to page with finger swipes happening less frequently.

Designer: Chi-Tai Hsu


  • iPad is world’s most valuable gadget. It can help every sector of our general life.

  • Mariano says:

    what about left handed people?

  • Nikhil says:

    what about keeping the function keys on the back-side. coz when holding the reader your thumb is already griping the eReader. I guess it would become easier to flip this way.

  • edgar says:

    Good desing, but Kindle from amazon tought of that before and the guy above has a good point, what about the left handed people?

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