Water Air and Ice

I like to think of Coway as underdogs from the Far East. They have some of the most amazing consumer products that are top-notch in Industrial Design. Works like the A1(CHP-241N), CAIRS & ICE+WATER are very Rams’ styled; minimal and bespoke. With many accolades and awards under their belt, here is a look at some recent products that ring a bell.

CAIRS by Seung-woo Kim

CAIRS is a personal air purifier that can be used anywhere on the go. Think of your car, at home or at the office; this little device purifies dust and odor in the air and sterilizes bacteria, viruses, etc. Pretty much tries to remove the excuse of ‘not feeling well’ out of your life! The iconic hole is a key design feature which functions as a handle improving portability and extending usability. Optimal air purification is possible thanks to the Plasma Ion sterilization technology that it uses. This removes 99.5% of air-borne viruses.

ICE+WATER by Seung-woo Kim

Ice+Water has been designed to be installed in kitchens and to provide clean drinking water and pure ice. With just a single touch you can extract both hot and cold water and even pure ice without delay. Its 5-step filtration system removes 99.95% infusible fine particles, rust residue, chlorine, heavy metals and other pollutants from tap water and dispenses clean water and pure ice made with purified water.

A1(CHP-241N) by Jin-gyu Seo & Murata Chiyaki

The CHP-240N is a water purifier that converts tap water into perfect drinking water using a filtering process. Its defining factor is the completely changed internal specifications that make it more functional. It can be used to fill standard sized cups with water as well as big pots. You need not wait and watch the container fill with water because you can select a preset amount of water extraction.