Smart Speaker for Dummies

Smartphones’ built-in speakers have gotten better, but there are still times when you want a little oomph in your audio! The db60 provides just that while keeping things compact and easy-to-use with its buttonless design. The wall-mountable speaker streams crystal-clear music via Bluetooth or USB, and will simultaneously charge your phone. A small “wing” extends from the main body and provides a nifty place to rest your device while you dance!

Designer: DN Aps


  • Jeff says:

    I like this. It’s a nice tweak to a class of products that already exist. The simple shelf (and usb cable) is a great way to deal with different phone/tablet designs as opposed to all those products that only fit one phone (I’m looking at you, iHome.)

  • Now available on Kickstarter!!! Go check it out!!!

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