Very Intuitive Camera

CMY(si-mee) is a very intuitive camera with simple functions. Pulling it out of its protective case means turning it on; pushing it back in – yes, turning it off! If you need to zoom, then simply twist the crank on the side. Rotating it outward means zooming out, while inward means zooming in. The only button on this camera is the shutter, just push it down to take a picture or swivel to a desired duration, like a kitchen timer, to take a self-timed photo. Remind us of the Polaroid days, the camera comes with a self-printer.

You can instantly print out pictures on a paper roll with a half-dot process. Tear off the printed-paper like a bill from the receipt printer, or keep it like a photo strip from photo booth! Very kawaii!

Designer: Yanika Tinaphongs