This foldable + deployable canopy for mobility scooters was designed to protect you from the rain

Mobility scooters have become pretty popular in the countryside these days! They’re pretty easy and effortless to zip around in, and not to mention much simpler to manage hence reducing the risk of injury from over-excursion. They make completing your everyday errands fun and swift! But one feature that most of these nifty scooters miss is – integrated rain protection. And, this is where Scooterpac steps in. The Scooterpac is a retrofittable and deployable rain canopy designed especially for mobility scooters.

Designer: Nyker Design

This handy folding canopy can be attached to any mobility scooter – irrespective of the brand – to provide shelter from the ever-changing weather elements without causing any structural or permanent change to the scooter. Most of the existing canopies on the market are rigid and centered around a specific scooter, however, the Scooterpac is a unique bolt-on solution that can be deployed as and when needed. An innovative multi-stage folding mechanism allows the canopy to be attached and removed whenever required.

Integrating Scooterpac to your mobility scooter is an extremely simple process. You simply remove its protective cover and move the frame into position – at the top of the scooter. You can then pull down the windscreen, and secure it to the front protection panel. You then proceed to pull out the sides and zip them across the scooter. The canopy is now ready to use! You can enter the scooter, by unzipping it from one side.

The designers worked extensively with textile manufacturers to create and design custom soft materials that are reliable, premium-quality, and completely waterproof. When it came to designing the Scooterpac – safety was something that was highly focused upon. Since the Scooterpac employs a mechanism with huge levers, it was essential to ensure that product does not pose any risk of injury. International compliance regulations for finger traps and pinch points were referenced, to ensure that the product causes the minimum amount of damage to any user.

The Scooterpac is a nifty modern-day solution that protects you from the moodiness of the weather, and it does so without causing any permanent changes to your beloved mobility scooter.